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White-mould-on-roof-timbers, treatment. mould - white, blue or black spots on timber, lining felt, masonry: indicates condensation - increase ventilation, (add soffit or ridge vents), apply mould cleaner, treat with boracol 10rh.. typical roof mould - damp cold timber, condensation = mold growth. note the roofing felt - many old roofs are upgraded by installing roof lining felt - this. Hi all, i've noticed white marks on the roof rafters at home, from googling i think it might be white spot mould, but would appreciate an opinion or two from people who know what they are talking about!, mould growth found in a loft in manchester. 6 june 2019. mould can be a major pain point for thousands of homeowners throughout the uk. it’s important to not only accurately identify the cause but to deal with it quickly and effectively..

White mould in loft. 4 february 2016 at 9:39pm edited 30 november -1 at 1:00am in in my home (includes diy) moneysaving. 10 replies 10.8k views jackieb forumite., hi. i have some very novice queries about the roof timbers in our 1930s semi. we have just boarded out the loft and fitted proper lighting, so can now see everything clearly for the first time after buying the house ....

Why is my loft space mouldy? jeff howell answers your home maintenance questions. this week: a mouldy roofspace and the importance of an epc certificate.