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Tensile-wire-fence, ready to attach your high tensile fence wire to your electric fence posts? remember to consider your animals’ size, feeding habits, intelligence, activity le.... High tensile wire for wire ties and fence wire. as specialist for manufacturing and exporting high tensile wire for over 20 years, our company can supply quality, durable high tensile wire, high tensile fence, field fence, various baling wires for farmers applied in farmland, gardens and construction.. what types of high tensile wire are you looking for?, high tensile barbed wire has a much higher breaking strain compared to low tensile, meaning it is more elastic and can be used with much wider fence post spacings. options available we have 3 options of high tensile barbed wire available – high ten.

Waratah longlife blue high tensile fence wire is suited to high stock pressure environments & is the strongest wire in the waratah range., waratah low tensile standard galvanized soft wire is used in traditional fencing systems where posts are closely spaced to support the wires.. High tensile line wire makes an effective barrier for livestock and strong support for plants and netting. unlike mild line wire which is malleable and will keep stretching, the elasticity of high tensile line wire means that any pressure applied to the wire will spring back once the pressure is released., building a new fence? bekaert manufactures gaucho, solidlock, cattleman, and bekaert classic fencing products. we offer farm and ranch fencing products with high tensile and traditional-standard strength wire. build a fence that will save you time and money now and in the long run..

High tensile fence has become the most popular agricultural fence here in the east. even though it is one of the more economical fences to install, it provides tremendous strength and durability and will give a lifetime of service., 6 landmark fencing handbook landmark fencing handbook 7 plain wire standard galvanised wire is suitable for most fences and has a single coating..

Bob the fencer demonstrates how to strain farm wire fence wire and tie off.